Turkey Taxi - the regional caterer

Parkhotel Zug
Friday, 01 Nov 2019 - Wednesday, 25 Dec 2019

From November until December our Turkey Taxi is on the roads of Zug again and delivers if preordered a crisp and tender turkey with a white bread and cranberry filling, gravy and cranberries.



Guided tour through ETTER distillery

Distillerie Etter
Saturday, 02 Nov 2019

What began in 1870 as a passion has now become a world famous business. For four generations, the knowledge of the art of distillery has been passed on in the Etter family.



    Regula Mühlemann

    Theater Casino Zug
    Sunday, 03 Nov 2019

    «Lieder der Heimat» Her career began at home, in Lucerne, but we immediately managed to entice her all the way up to Zug. Because we already had an inkling of what was to follow – namely a career that would take off in the world of opera and concert...