Birth Preparation Course

Zuger Kantonsspital  Friday, 14 Jun 2024 -Saturday, 15 Jun 2024

In English

The birth of your child is around the corner. You want to be optimally prepared in mind and body for this unique experience and it is our aim to assist you in this process. Across two sessions, you will learn more about your pregnancy and birthing process, and the aftercare you will need. You will also learn practical techniques like breathing and relaxation exercises that will help you feel confident and ready for this wonderful experience. We will also answer your most pressing questions with empathy and care to ensure your confidence and especially your mind is well prepared.

If possible, choose the course that takes place about 4 weeks before your calculated date of birth. Please note there are limited spaces available so register as soon as possible.

Phone: +41 41 399 43 03 or email:

14 Jun 2024 -15 Jun 2024  19:30 -13:00
05 Jul 2024 -06 Jul 2024  19:30 -13:00
02 Aug 2024 -03 Aug 2024  19:30 -13:00
Zuger Kantonsspital , Landhausstrasse 11  Baar
CHF 400