Zug, 17.01.2020

Water triggers fire alarm in Metalli shopping centre

A fire alarm was triggered during construction work at the Metalli shopping centre in Zug on Wednesday, 15 January at around 3:30 p.m., according to a report from the Zug police. Employees of a construction company had channelled water from core drilling into the ventilation shaft of a gas heater instead of into the rainwater shaft. As a result, water entered the boiler room, accumulated there and penetrated into an electrical distribution room below via the floor. The water dripping from the ceiling damaged the distribution system and caused smoke to develop around the battery pack for the emergency power supply, which triggered the fire alarm system. A respiratory protection team from the Zug volunteer fire brigade (FFZ) removed the backup battery and vented the room, the report said. A private cellar was also affected.

The cause of the fire alarm in the Metalli shopping centre in Zug. The battery removed by the FFZ.

The water damage in the ventilation system, the boiler room, the private basement and the distribution systems cannot yet be quantified, but is considerable. Members of the volunteer fire brigade Zug (FFZ) and employees of the Zug police were deployed.