Hünenberg, 22.09.2022

The ‘Bridge market’ is now being organised by an independent association

Following the retirement of the previous organiser (from the administration of the municipality of Hünenberg), private individuals have now taken over the helm of the Bruckenmarkt.

The ‘bridge market’ (Brückenmarkt) on the old bridge over the Reuss between Hünenberg and Sins has become an institution in the Hünenberg area, and has taken place at the end of September every year since 1996, with up to 5,000 visitors expected. "Until recently, the neighbouring municipalities of Sins and Hünenberg have shared the organisation," says Rahel Iten, co-president of the Brückenmarkt association. But the main responsibility was borne by a person in the administration of the municipality of Hünenberg. After her recent retirement, the municipality looked for a successor.

"As I had already been increasingly involved in the implementation of the event in recent years, it was foreseeable that I would take over this association."

If she hadn’t taken over the responsibility for the market, the bridge market would no longer take place. "That would be a pity, because the event is extremely popular with both visitors and market traders," says Rahel Iten, who lives in Hünenberg.

Rahel Iten founded the association in the spring of this year. She runs the association as co-president, together with Stefanie Probst, her colleague from Cham, who takes care of the finances. Edith Mathis from Sins is also on board - she is responsible for advertising. She was herself present at the market for a long time, where she sold soaps that she had made herself. Tamara Sanchez from Zug is also a new member of the association's board, and is responsible for communication with the market traders.

The new team of the Brückenmarkt (from left): Edith Mathis, Rahel Iten and Stefanie Probst
The old Reuss Bridge connects Sins with Hünenberg
       Photos: Stefan Kaiser

Rahel Iten herself originally became aware of the bridge market through her husband, who runs a bar for the fire brigade at the event. On behalf of the municipality, she initially took care of the market traders, and later also of the parking spaces and the book-keeping.

Many changes planned for 2023
Everything should remain the same this year,. But the intercantonal quartet has lots of plans for next year: "We want to gain some sponsors, so that we can expand the entertainment programme," says Rahel Iten. The association shares a large part of the work with the municipalities. "Without the cooperation with the municipalities, especially the Werkdienst (municipal services), we would not be able to carry out the market. We appreciate this cooperation very much and hope that we can continue to count on their support in the future," says Rahel Iten.

In addition, she intends to enforce the existing rules for market traders more strongly in order to ensure a smooth process. Edith Mathis adds:

"We want to increase visibility by doing some professional advertising."

But the quartet first has to gain some experience. "It was a bit chaotic at first, but it's slowly coming together," says Rahel Iten.

This year's bridge market will take place from 10 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. on Saturday, 24 September, and around 130 market traders have registered so far. The Hünenberg fire brigade, the Heiri Singers and the Sins Music Society each operate their own festival restaurants during and after the market, which will take place in all weathers.

Interested parties can find more information under www.brueckenmarkt.ch.