Oberaegeri, 30.04.2019

Warning of road works affecting Ratenstrasse

Road works are about to start on Ratenstrasse in the municipality, hence the cantonal authorities are warning drivers accordingly.



These extensive road works are to start next on Monday 6 May and continue until the middle of June. Work is necessary as the surface of the road, particularly between Gireggwald and Brämenegg, is in a bad state; work will also be undertaken to correct the adverse camber to improve driver safety and water drainage.


Passengers will be pleased to know the authorities are making use of this opportunity to create a bus bay and build a shelter at the Brämenegg stop on the side of the road from which buses head off for Raten.


In order to ensure the work is completed as quickly as possible, Ratenstrasse is having to be completely closed between Giregg and Brämenegg on Mondays to Saturdays between 5 am and 6 am during the period starting on Monday 20 May and continuing until Saturday 7 June. Outside this time period the work is to be carried out in stages.


The authorities have also confirmed that access to any property on this route will be possible at all times, bar the odd exception.


Details of detours are to be announced later.


Further information can be found on www.zg.ch/baustellen.