Neuheim, 23.04.2019

Two injured, one seriously, as vehicle ends up in river

An 84-year-old woman sustained serious injuries after the car in which she was a passenger ended up in the River Sihl last Sunday. The driver of the car, a 74-year-old man, was also taken to hospital but was less seriously injured.


The incident happened on Sihlbruggstrasse as the pair were approaching Neuheim. The car suddenly veered onto the wrong side of the road before crashing through a fence, ending up in the River Sihl.

When subsequently questioned about the incident, the driver admitted he had momentarily nodded off at the wheel, whereupon his driving licence was duly confiscated there and then.


In another road traffic incident the previous day, the driver and four passengers in a car were lucky to escape injury after the vehicle in which they were travelling, a black estate car, caught fire.


This incident occurred at around 8pm on Saturday evening as the car with its 39-year-old driver and four passengers was proceeding on the A4 motorway towards Zurich. Suddenly the driver noticed smoke as he approached the Lindencham exit and decided to leave the motorway at this point. By the time he came to a halt on Sinserstrasse in Cham, flames were coming from the engine compartment. Fortunately, members of the local fire brigade were soon on the scene and were able to extinguish the flames. As mentioned, no-one was injured, though the car was written-off and Sinserstrasse had to be closed for some time.