Zug / Baar / Cham , 04.06.2021

The following traffic incidents have been reported by the Zug Police

Pregnant woman hit by car
A pregnant woman was hit by a car in the city of Zug. She was slightly injured and was taken to hospital by ambulance.

The accident happened on Thursday afternoon (3 June 2021), shortly before 15:00, on the Alpenstrasse in Zug. A pregnant woman was walking together with her husband from the lake in the direction of Zug railway station. An 82-year-old driver, who was traveling from the Bundesplatz in the direction of Unterägeri, didn’t see the 39-year-old woman on the pedestrian crossing near the Bundesplatz. In the resulting collision, the pedestrian was able to push herself away from the car with both hands, and fell backwards to the ground. She was slightly injured.

After initial medical care by the Zug Ambulance Service, the woman was driven to the hospital. Her husband, who was walking directly behind her, was unharmed.

Baar: Motorcyclist slightly injured after collision
A car collided with a motorcycle In Sihlbrugg, resulting in slight injuries for the motorcyclist.

The accident occurred on Wednesday evening (2 June 2021), shortly after 6:00 p.m. A 62-year-old man was driving a motorcycle from the Ebertswilerstrasse into the roundabout in the direction of the Hirzel. At the same time, a 39-year-old female driver drove out of a petrol station on the Sihlbruggstrasse. As she turned into the roundabout, the woman failed to see the two-wheeler, resulting in a collision that led to him falling in the roundabout and injuring himself. The man was subsequently taken to the hospital by ambulance.

Traffic has to be directed past the accident site, and the accident thereby resulted in traffic jams in the evening traffic

The rear-end collision in Cham resulted in significant damage
Photo: Zug Police

Cham: Rear-end collision in after-work traffic
There was a rear-end collision on the Sinserstrasse in Cham. Fortunately, no-one was injured.

The accident occurred on Wednesday (2 June 2021), shortly before 17:00, on the Sinserstrasse in Cham. A 36-year-old man was driving from Sins in the direction of Cham,  and wanted to turn left into the driveway of the petrol station. He had to brake due to oncoming traffic, and a 36-year-old man driving behind him noticed this too late and crashed into the rear of his vehicle.

None of the involved persons suffered any injuries, but the impact caused significant damage to both vehicles, amounting to several tens of thousands of francs. The two vehicles had to be towed away by a private towing service. As the cars had lost fluids, the road maintenance service had to clean the roadway, and this led to traffic jams in the evening traffic. The roadway in the direction of Cham had to be closed for a short time.

Employees of a private towing company, the road maintenance service and the Zug police were deployed for the incident.