Hünenberg, 29.05.2020

The current Bachelorette wanted fun and a man

The sixth season of the "Bachelorette" show has passed the half-way mark. Chanelle Wyrsch from Hünenberg takes stock.

This year's Bachelorette, Chanelle Wyrsch from Hünenberg, gave three men their marching orders last Monday in the sixth episode of the show on 3+, and thereby reached the half-way point of the series.  "Christian because of the age difference, Valentin was too quiet for me, and there was no real spark with Martin," she said, explaining her decisions.

The 23-year-old found it hard  to send candidates home, but it didn't cause her any sleepless nights. "I just followed my heart and my gut feeling," she says simply. Her decisions have often been criticized by the public, however. "You have to remember that I haven't heard the interviews with the men and their conversations among each other," she says, defending her actions. "I could only use the personal encounters as the basis for my decisions."

Conversations arose spontaneously
What is striking, however, is the positive, friendly way in which the young woman met the candidates in most situations. "I am a very positive person, and like to go through life like that." In most cases. she succeeds in making the most of the situation and putting aside bad moods or whims. There was no pre-prepared script for the show, Wyrsch says, revealing the inside story. "The situations and conversations arose spontaneously." Only the various games and challenges that the gentlemen had to face were planned. As well as the dates to which The Bachelorette invited individual contestants. " I was completely free in my choice, however."

The likeable Hünenberger poses at Lake Zug

She was also largely given a free hand when choosing her clothes. "I went shopping with the broadcasters stylist, but also wore my own clothes."

Different reactions from the audience
She has not yet watched all of the episodes in their complete length. That's why she’s now watching them at their regular airtime, and is celebrating a little with friends and family, who are all bowled over by Wyrsch's participation in the sixth season.

"I get very different reactions from the audience, but 95% of them are positive." You simply have to reckon with feedback in show business, even negative feedback. The self-confident pop and musical singer had already experienced this, which helped her with the Bachelorette show. She took part looking for fun and adventure, but also because she was single and really wanted to find a partner. "I'm very picky," she admits. "In addition, I have been on the road quite a lot in recent years and have hardly had any time for a relationship." This could change now, because, in the sixth episode, she mentioned that she could well imagine a family with three to four children. But she doesn't want to commit herself. "I still have so much to do in my life."

She's a little ‘old school’

You can find out which beau Wyrsch finally decided on in the 10th episode on June 29. (The shooting of the series actually took place in Thailand at the beginning of the year). She’ll only reveal so much: "We’re in the process of getting to know each other better." She is a little old-school in terms of relationships, admits the attractive Hünenberger. "I generally meet a man as many as five or six times before there's even a kiss."

She had a lot of fun during the filming, and learned a lot. In particular, how to speak freely in front of the camera, as well as to react to people directly and spontaneously. "I also know what to do or not to do on a date," she says with a laugh. Last but not least, Chanelle Wyrsch also learned to appreciate Thai cuisine, which had previously been foreign to her. "I have certainly gained some life experience," she sums up.


The next episode of The Bachelorette airs at  8.15 pm on Monday, June 8, on channel 3+.