Zug, 05.05.2020

The city wants to promote biodiversity

The city of Zug is promoting biodiversity in the urban habitat with wildflower meadows, and thereby contributing to the biodiversity of flora and fauna. Posters by the locations will be used to draw attention to the urban wildflower meadows.

In order to promote biodiversity, the city of Zug will allow wildflower meadows to thrive in various locations with the assistance of gardeners from the Werkhof. "Meadows that are close to nature not only delight the eyes of the viewers, but also provide a valuable habitat for plants, animals, fungi and lichens," the city writes in a press release. The meadows will only be cut twice a year – in mid-June and September. The grass is then left lying so that the seeds can remain in place and germinate in the following year, it continues.

Posters are used to draw attention to the urban wildflower meadows on site.

Almost half  of the approximately 27 hectares of public green space in the city of Zug are ‘close to natural condition’. These include meadows, shore areas, wild hedges, forest and extensively greened roof areas that provide a basic environment for many species. According to the communication, the fallow railway embankment has also developed into a particularly valuable place for flora and fauna. Here, a variety of animal species find an undisturbed habitat in the middle of the city of Zug.

With the repeated wild perennial action, the city of Zug also promotes natural habitats in the gardens and on the balconies of the Zug residents. The campaign was particularly well received this year, and the 300 free wild perennials were handed out within a very short time.