Regional traffic, 04.10.2019

The Axenstrasse road again blocked for weeks

The Axenstrasse has been closed since late Wednesday evening between Tellsplatte and Sisikon (we reported yesterday). Further flows of debris and rockfalls cannot be ruled out. The Federal Roads Office (Astra) believes that the road will have to remain closed for weeks.

Initial clarifications of the situation above the road have shown that further landslides can be expected. For security reasons, no one should enter the area in Gumpisch. There will be further clarifications on what needs to be done so that the monitoring and alarm system can be put back into operation. This includes, among other things, the repair of the rockfall protection nets and rip lines that were damaged by the flow of debris.

The road closure of the Axenstrasse in Flüelen

For safety reasons, the Axenstrasse will therefore remain closed to traffic between the Flüelen roundabout and the Wolfsprung junction. "The access roads from the north to Sisikon or Riemenstalden, and from the south to the Tellsplatte are passable," says the communiqué of the Cantonal Police of Uri.

The police recommend that drivers should observe the road signals and bypass the closed Axenstrasse as widely as possible, or to use the SBB trains. The Office for National Road Operations, specialists from the Federal Roads Office, a private security service and the Cantonal Police of Schwyz and Uri were involved in the operation.

The SRF explains the situation in this video:
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The Axenstrasse had just been closed for over six weeks, and only reopened on 13 September.