Oberaegeri, 13.06.2019

Renovated lakeside cafe to be blessed and re-opened this Saturday


This Saturday,15 June, the Studenhütte café on the shores of Lake Aegeri will re-open after undergoing extensive renovation costing some CHF 500,000.



At present, the new landlord, Bruno Neuweiler (on the left in the photograph along with local councillor Beat Wyss), is busy preparing for the re-opening along with his staff of six. The architect behind the renovation, Erich Meier of the Mathis Meier firm of architects of Oberägeri, along with the interior designers, has been busy over the past few days, too, carefully putting the finishing touches to everything.


Great care has been taken with the renovation to ensure it looks much as it did before, but with everything being upgraded at the same time, not least rewiring and upgrading of the toilets, including one for disabled people.


Furthermore, the wooden walls and ceiling have been painted, the darker wooden areas treated with oil. The furniture is that used by the previous tenants, the Aegeri Sailing Club, but a new kitchen has been installed complete with a catering-class dishwasher. And a new window has been opened-up, through which one can place an order. Outside there are smart new tables and chairs, and the façade of the building has also been freshened up. As Wyss explained, two further sunshades are to be put up even nearer to the lake.


Summing up, Neuweiler said he was more than satisfied with everything and proud to be in charge. As mentioned, he will be assisted during the café’s opening season between April and October by a staff of six.


The opening ceremony itself starts with musical entertainment at 11.45 prior to the official blessing at noon, following which, at 12.30 pm there will be a barbecue. The event coincides with the open day of the new boat house of the rowing club with the opportunity, too, to go sailing on the lake, courtesy of the local sailing club. What is more, there will the opportunity to take a cruise on the lake thanks to the Lake Aegeri Navigation Company, and live Reggae music after 6.00 pm.