Zug, 18.04.2019

Police to crack down on drivers deliberately revving-up loudly and causing tyres to screech

The Zug police have announced they is to crack down on drivers purposefully revving-up loudly and causing tyres to screech.


With the weather gradually getting warmer, the police have been getting an increased number of complaints about such activities, particularly in the areas of Bahnhofstrasse and Seepromenade, but also other areas. One other matter the public has complained about is the loud volume of music coming from the cars.


It appears the offenders are, for the most part, young drivers who want to draw attention to themselves and their cars, though older drivers have also been known to play music loudly, too.


The police would like to point out that these sorts of activity are not only a nuisance but also forbidden. Traffic regulations stipulate that drivers should not annoy other road-users or local residents by engaging in these activities, causing unnecessary noise, smells, dust and smoke.


The Zug police have therefore announced they will be looking out for any drivers contravening such regulations over the next few weeks in particular; those caught can expect to be charged accordingly, some of them being fined and even having their licences confiscated.


This article is based on one written by Andrea Muff and information provided by the Zug police themselves.