Zug, 14.06.2019

Police tell users of e-scooters to keep to the rules

Since the middle of May members of the public have been able to hire e-scooters to get around the city more quickly. However, it appears a number of them are not adhering to the rules.



The Zug police have reported that failure to adhere to the rules has repeatedly led to dangerous situations arising, with both the hirers of e-scooters putting themselves as well as other road users at risk.


The police point out that for those hiring e-scooters with a maximum possible speed of 20 kph, the same rules to those as cyclists apply. This means they should use cycle paths. Where these do not exist, they should use the road. Scootering on the pavements is forbidden. Furthermore, such e-scooters must be fitted with front and rear brakes, front and rear lights and a warning bell.


Furthermore, young people between the ages of 14 and 16 using e-scooters need a G or M category driving licence. Older users do not need one at all. Number plates are not required; neither is it compulsory to wear a helmet, though this is recommended.


Users are also reminded that e-scooters are intended for the transportation of one person only.


Finally, once used, the e-scooters should be left at the appropriate stands provided and not simply left on a pavement where they could represent a hazard to pedestrians.