Cham, 06.12.2019

Police catch pickpocket thanks to personal cell-phone location

On Tuesday evening, 3rd December, the police dispatch centre reported that a 55-year-old woman’s handbag had been stolen at the Gemeindehaus bus stop in Cham. Among other things, the handbag contained her wallet and a smartphone.

Using the tracking function that was activated on the smartphone, the police were soon able to track the pickpocket. After several locations had been indicated and checked, a police patrol in Hagendorn spotted a suspicious person, who was then stopped and checked. The stolen smartphone and bank cards of the stolen woman were also found in bushes in the immediate vicinity.

The alleged perpetrator, a 37-year-old Algerian, was subsequently arrested, and admitted the theft during questioning by the police. He will now appear before the prosecutor of the Canton of Zug. The stolen smartphone, the bank cards and the stolen cash amount will be returned to the woman.