Cham, 16.05.2023

Pensioner (79) lures fake policemen into trap

In Cham, the police were able to arrest two fraudsters who had pretended to be police officers in a phone call to a senior citizen. This was possible because the woman they called was immediately suspicious, but did not let the scammers realise this.

Thanks to the good reaction of a senior citizen, a telephone scam was prevented and two men were arrested. One of the suspects is a juvenile.

On Thursday evening, a 79-year-old woman received a phone call from a fake policeman, who told her a fictitious story: her money was no longer safe in the bank. The pensioner immediately became suspicious, but nevertheless played along with the game, and then informed the real police, as the Zug law enforcement authorities announced on Monday.

The phone scammers contacted their supposed victim again on Friday morning, and repeated the story from the night before. As instructed by the scammers, the woman went to the bank during the course of the day and emptied her alleged safe deposit box there. After several more phone calls, a young man showed up at the 79-year-old's residence at around 5.30 pm to collect the cash and other valuables. He was thereby caught red-handed and was arrested.

Real police strike twice
In addition, police officers in the immediate vicinity also arrested another man who was involved in the attempted crime. The two men are German nationals, aged 16 and 21. The Youth Prosecutor's Office and the Public Prosecutor's Office of the Canton of Zug have now opened criminal proceedings against them

The Zug police sometimes also warn on their social channels when fake police officers are active.

Instagram post shared by @zugerpolizei_official

We won't tell you a story on the phone about a supposed accident involving a family member

we don't demand money or jewellery from you on the phone for alleged bail or anything else

we do not collect money or jewellery from you, nor do we send anyone to collect these things from you

we warn you again about the fake police officers and phone scammers

they are very active again at the moment

we know that not everyone is on Instagram - but we are sure that you all like your parents, grandparents and relatives and want to protect them. You should therefore talk to them and inform them about this scam.
Thank you for your support.
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