Zug,, 18.02.2019

Major e-car event to culminate in city this year

Last year the World Advanced Vehicle Expedition (WAVE) passed through Hünenberg in the canton; this year it is to culminate in the city, coinciding with the Lake Festival.

Fuelled by renewable energy, these e-vehicles, whether bikes, cars or lorries, hardly make any sound as they are driven around, either.

According to its own sources, the WAVE is actually the biggest moving e-vehicle event in the world and this year it is taking place in Switzerland from Friday 14 until Wednesday 22 June, finishing up, as mentioned, in Zug, possibly on Bundesplatz or Postplatz, as the organiser, Louis Palmer, explained.

Ten years ago, Palmer, from Adligenswil in the canton of Lucerne, actually drove round the world, passing through 38 countries and covering as many as 58,000 kilometres over an18-month period in a solar-powered vehicle.

It is on 22 June that the public will be able to enjoy inspecting the vehicles and seeing how they are charged. “Many of the people of Zug already know what sense it makes to drive such vehicles,” said Palmer, adding how as many as 3.5 per cent of all vehicles in the city of Zug come with a plug and how there were many opportunities to charge up here.