Zug, 25.01.2023

Investigations in full swing after brutal burglary

A man was attacked in his bedroom on Saturday night. Fortunately, the victim's physical injuries were not serious, according to the police, but there is now uncertainty in the neighbourhood.

It is a horror scenario: being attacked by burglars in the night and in your own bed. That’s exactly what happened early on Saturday morning on the Chamer Fussweg in the city of Zug (we reported on Monday). Several unknown men entered a house at 4.30 a.m. and assaulted the 63-year-old resident in his bedroom.

They demanded money and fled with the loot in an unknown direction. The man was thereby seriously injured, and the Zug police issued an appeal for witnesses on Saturday.

"Our investigations into this case are still in full swing," explained Frank Kleiner, media spokesman for the Zug police, on Monday afternoon. "Extensive evidence recovery was carried out at the scene by the forensic service of the Zug Police."

Jewellery and a watch were also stolen
This evidence is now being meticulously analysed. The investigation includes the determination of the exact sequence of events and how the perpetrators gained access to the house. "In order not to jeopardise the investigation, we are not disclosing any further details at the moment," said Frank Kleiner when asked how the perpetrators got into the house.

Does the victim live alone? Was the man able to defend himself? Were there weapons involved? The police spokesperson did not give any information on these points - for reasons of personal privacy and in order not to jeopardise the investigation.

When asked how the man was doing in the meantime, Frank Kleiner added: "Fortunately, the physical injuries suffered are not serious”. In addition to "several hundred francs in cash", the perpetrators took some jewellery and a watch.

The Strandbad Zug (Zug lido) is also on the Chamer Fussweg. View of the road towards Cham.                      Photo: Maria Schmid

According to Frank Kleiner, several tips have been received as a result of the appeal for witnesses. "Each witness tip is assessed individually by specialised investigators in close cooperation with the public prosecutor's office and is processed in order of priority, depending on the content," said the media spokesman. "Subsequently, all the information is put together to form a picture, like a jigsaw puzzle."

"It's very dark here at night"
There is uncertainty in the neighbourhood on the Chamer Fussweg. A neighbour says on the phone that she had been burgled years ago, but was not at home at the time. "I imagine what has happened now to be particularly bad.

She said she did not hear anything during the night, but afterwards the police were on the scene for a very long time. The woman says, "It's very dark here at night." She says there are probably some escape routes, possibly through gardens. She hopes the crime will be solved soon. "This is bearing down on people's minds here; it's very unpleasant."