Canton Zug, 22.07.2022

Insider tips away from the big lakes

If you are looking for a quiet bathing place in these hot days, you can find them in the Lorzentobel, in the municipality of Menzingen and in the Reuss plain. We have visited a few special places for you.

Splashing about in the border river
The border between Zug and Aargau runs along the Reuss on a length of 11.5 kilometres, from Rotkreuz to the Reussspitz. The Zollhausbrücke bridge connects the communities of Sins and Hünenberg. There is a bathing place only a few minutes from the beautiful old wooden bridge, which is, however, not entirely harmless, as the current of the river Reuss is strong at this point. If you’re visiting the area, be aware of the current closing of the main road bridge at Sins, and the rather extensive roadworks that are underway there.

By the way, a tour with the rubber boat on the river Reuss is also an adventure., this is only recommended for good swimmers, however – and it’s important to pay close attention to the river rules of the SLRG.

The shower of the lords of the castle
You will really have to earn this refreshment – especially with the current temperatures. Because the path to the waterfall near the Wildenburg from the parking lot at the Tobelbrücke bridge takes about a quarter of an hour and is steep. Those who make the efforts can expect a little cooling sensation as their first reward, thanks to the canopy of leaves in the forest. The path then goes down a bit until you reach the waterfall of the Schwarzenbach.

Once you are there, you shouldn’t miss the opportunity to go up to the Wildenburg. The ruins of the residential castle of the Lords of Hünenberg (Herren von Hünenberg) from the early 13th century offer an insight into history and provide an excellent view over the Lorzentobel (Lorze river valley / gorge).

Our map shows the five selected bathing places:
The river Reuss by the Zollbrücke in Hünenberg/Sins
The Schwarzenbach waterfall in Allenwinden
The small wooden pier invites you to linger.
There are many beautiful bathing places along the river Lorze, upstream from the Höllgrotten
Relaxing is easy in the river Sihl 
            Photos: Werner Schelbert

A small but fine lake
The Wilersee is only a stone's throw from Finstersee. Idyllically embedded in the Menzingen moraine landscape, it attracts many locals seeking a quick cooling experience in the summer. After jumping into the cool water, you can swim across the lake in a short time and then sunbathe on the small, but fine wooden deck.

The surrounding trees provide soothing shade, so that the jetty invites you to linger and enjoy yourself. There are family get-togethers here, and school friends and neighbours meet for swimming and chatting.

From Hell to Heaven
Walking along the river Lorze from the former spinning mill (Spinnerei – which has been used recently as the Covid vaccination centre) to the Höllgrotten caves is probably an experience that most students in the canton of Zug have had. Even nowadays, there are several ways to climb into the bathing areas that gather under the river steps. Anyone who manages this will experience an ascent from the (heat) hell to heaven that matches the name of this area (HImmelreich).

Tip: Most of the places downstream of the Höllgrotten will be already occupied. If you have a little patience , however, you should go a few hundred metres further upstream. And if you don't feel any cooler even after a river bath, only a visit to the Höllgrotten underground grottoes can help.

Bathing between two worlds
The river Sihl forms the border between the cantons of Zug and Zurich by the Bostadel penitentiary. It’s also easy to splash around here – even on the "wrong side" from Zug's point of view. The large stones form several natural chairs, from where you can let your soul dangle in the light breeze and your feet in the flowing water. If you like things to be more active, there’s also a fireplace there. And If you want to impress everyone with your surprising knowledge, you can point out that the round bridge nearby was the first of its kind in Europe.

While on the subject: as the Menzingen Fachkommission (expert commission) Minghella, which is dedicated to the topics of leisure, recreation and tourism, knows, there was once a bathing spa here instead of the penitentiary.