Cham, 03.12.2019

Ground-breaking ceremony for the first pump track in the canton

The necessary financing has been secured, so the ground-breaking ceremony can now be held on December 7th:  An attractive circuit will thereby be created on the Seematt-Wiese in Cham in the spring of 2020: the first pump track in the Canton of Zug, according to a statement by the IG Mountainbike Zug. A pump track is a multi-role sports facility, mainly planned as a tarmac circuit for mountain bikes, BMX, kickboards, skateboards and inline skates.

The IG Mountainbike Zug submitted the building application during the course of this year, and subsequently fulfilled all the conditions necessary for approval of the construction. "We are very happy that we can finally put our project into action. It will benefit many roller-skaters in the region,” says Manuel Sigrist of the IG Mountainbike Zug. The ground-breaking ceremony will take place at 11 am on December 7, on the Seemattwiese in Cham. The construction phase is still in planning and the corresponding information will follow.

According to the announcement, the special feature of the Pump track is that: "The course is designed so that the riders do not have to pedal hard to build up speed. It’s sufficient to build up momentum through the up-and-down movements on the ground rollers - so-called ‘pumping momentum’ - and thereby build up speed.” The site for the first pump track in the canton of Zug is located in the Seematt in Cham, next to the tennis court and the lakeside beach. It is thereby well connected in terms of transport, above all by the direct connection to the cycle path, as well as having good public transport connections and a parking lot directly adjacent. Public toilets are also nearby. The opening of the pumping track is scheduled for the end of May 2020 at the latest.

The initiators, Samuel Birchmeier, Leander Gautschi, Manuel Sigrist, Chris Jans, Ivan Rimensberger and Ralph Gürber (from left) are looking forward to the new track.

The pump track is budgeted at a total cost of around CHF 450,000. This includes the services / free work provided by the association. The construction is being financed through subsidies from the municipality of Cham, the Swisslos Sportfonds of the Canton of Zug, the Beisheim Foundation and other foundations, as well as sponsoring by Zug Cantonal Bank, Risi AG, JMS Risi AG, Paul Gisler AG, Sytec AG, Eichhorn Zäune and services provided by the IG Mountainbike Zug itself. The construction of the pump track is being carried out by Velosolutions GmbH.

"We look forward to finally making the first pump track in the canton of Zug a reality, as all neighbouring cantons have now created such facilities with great success," emphasizes Ralph Gürber of IG Mountainbike Zug. «We would like to thank the community of Cham, the Swisslos Sportfonds of the Canton of Zug and all sponsors and patrons for the cooperation and for their bsupport of this project.”

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