Zug, 25.11.2022

Four days of tinkering: The FabLab Zug brings interested parties closer to 3D printing

The FabLab Zug tinkering laboratory has organised the "3D Conference" from Thursday evening to Sunday, where interested parties can explore the world of modern printing methods.

Modern 3D printing has been gaining momentum for quite some time now. This method has not only been used to process liquid plastic into moulded particles, but also metal, ceramics, wax or clay.

The FabLab Zug is organising a "3D Conference" up to this Sunday. The FabLab is one of 1,216 registered ‘tinkering laboratories’ worldwide, in which ideas – and in particular those from laypeople – can be created, deepened and implemented. The workshop of the Zug laboratory is equipped with various devices. These include laser machines, welding systems, circular table saws – and 3D printers.

The latter are now the focus of the tinkering laboratory. Interested parties can immerse themselves in the world of this technology, listen to lectures and discussions between experts, attend workshops and build a 3D printer themselves.

Children work on a 3D printer in the FabLab Zug                Photo: Maria Schmid
In the production facility of the FabLab Zug, the 3D Conference will be held from Thursday evening until Sunday.  
Photo: Stefan Kaiser

With the 3D Conference, the FabLab Zug wants to draw attention to the topic in the area, as President Nijo Scheibner says. He organised the event together with treasurer Joël Iselin. "We want to attract business people, beginners and doers with our versatile offer," says 25-year-old Nijo Scheibner. And he adds: "The city of Zug has made it possible for us to implement this."

Program of the 3D Conference

Note: More information about the FabLab ZUg and the 3D Conference can be found here.