Travel, 28.09.2020

Federal Government reacts to increasing number of Covid-19 infections

The Swiss Federal Government has reacted to the growing number of Covid-19 infections in Europe. From Monday, September 28, anyone coming to Switzerland from the United Kingdom, Ireland, Belgium and Portugal will have to go into quarantine for ten days under Swiss rules.

The Swiss list of countries subject to quarantine now numbers 59 countries and regions worldwide. Other countries added include Denmark, The Netherlands, Iceland, Slovenia, Hungary, Morocco and Oman, as well as several regions in France and Austria. On the other hand, Kosovo and San Marino have now been taken off the list.

This comes about a month after the UK placed Switzerland on its 14-day quarantine list.

The full list of the FOPH/BAG can be found here.


The situation in Switzerland (from

From mid-June onwards, the number of new cases of Covid-19 has been rising steadily. Authorities are focusing on a combination of measures and restrictions to keep the situation under control.

Latest figures for Switzerland - as at 25 September 2020 (source FOPH/BAG)

              new     total since start of pandemic

Infections confirmed by laboratory              372                  51,864
Hospitalisations                                               10                     4,819
Deaths                                                                  2                     1,778
Number of tests                                        12,346              1,326,290

People in isolation                                          2,182
Of those, in quarantine                                  4,755
Additional persons in quarantine
after entering Switzerland                            10,140