Switzerland, 27.05.2020

Disruption in Swisscom network throughout Switzerland

Dozens of Swisscom customers are reporting disruptions to their phone connections on social media. Swisscom has not yet published any information.

From Tuesday midday onwards, Swisscom has suffered a Swiss-wide disruption in the telephone network. The website allestörungen.ch and social media are showing an increasing number of reports from customers from all over Switzerland that the network is not currently functioning.

Disruption overview for Swisscom on allestörungen.ch

The Federal Alarm page Alertswiss has reported disturbances in several cantons, including Bern, Aargau, Vaud, Solothurn, Ticino, Lucerne. Emergency numbers can sometimes no longer be reached accessible, for example in Aargau, Lucerne and Obwalden.

Swisscom could not be reached for comment from CH Media.

(Update to follow ... )