Zug, 01.04.2019

City cyclists to pay for parking

It has been announced that the council is to impose parking fees on cycles in the city in an attempt to avoid what is described as a "cycle chaos" while at the same time acting to prevent further shop closures.

The councillor responsible, Urs Raschle (photograph), said that the move was a pro-active one, rather than wait until something had to be done, hoping, too, that some order would be returned with regard to the parking of cycles in the city.

According to research, the use of cycles in the city rose by as much as 20 per cent over the course of 2018 when compared with the previous year. While he is not quite sure why this is the case, the councillor put it down to higher car-parking charges and the current trend for e-bikes.


For some time, the council has been receiving number of complaints from residents about the unsightly way cycles are left outside the station and by the Metalli centre.


Hence from 1 July 2019, all cycles left in the city will have to show a sticker, the cost of which ranges between CHF 1.00 and CHF 4.00 francs per day; CHF 1.00 franc charged for a normal cycle or child’s cycle, CHF 2.00 for an e-bike, CHF 3.00 for those towing a trailer and CHF 4.00 for those able to carry cargo and tandems.


Wait a minute. Let’s change that headline.

"Readers duped into thinking cyclists would be charged for parking in city

....by creative journalists in April 1 article."