Canton Zug, 22.04.2020

Caring for your mental health in time of Corona

The corona pandemic is not only a threat to the physical health of the population – the exceptional situation with many limitations also has an impact on mental health. Various specialist offices providing advice and assistance are available In the canton of Zug.

The daily lives of the whole population have changed drastically in recent weeks. The order to stay at home, the conversion of schools to distance learning, as well as the lack of physical contact with acquaintances and relatives, is a major psychological challenge for many people.

Social contacts are important right now
Although keeping distance from other people is crucial at the moment, contacts with others should still be sought. "Especially in times of physical distance, social proximity is all the more important," says Zug Health Director Martin Pfister in a press release from the Cantonal Health Directorate. It’s easily possible to maintain these contacts and to exchange information about the situation by telephone and via the Internet. Many people are facing similar challenges and difficulties at the moment; a discussion can provide mutual support, and practical tips can be exchanged.

Network of counselling centres
Even in the current exceptional situation, an expanded network of professional counselling centres for people in need is available in the canton of Zug. The website "Psychic Health Train" ( provides an overview of all services on offer, for example, training centres for young people, for families, for parents or for domestic violence. The counselling centres in the canton are still available to residents of Zug by telephone and e-mail.

Tips for living with home office, distance learning and social distancing
The experts of the Office of Sport of the Health Directorate also publish regular tips for everyday life in the current situation on their home page  These range from ideas for games for families in their own homes and recommendations on healthy eating, to tips on the topic of home office.

Medical staff particularly affected
The current situation is a particularly heavy psychological and physical challenge for the medical staff in hospitals, nursing homes or the Spitex. Every day, they are in direct contact with sick people at work and have to support them in the difficult life situation, both physically and emotionally. "It is of central importance that these people take care of their mental health, take care of themselves and accept help at an early stage if things grow over their heads," Pfister explains in the press release. The platform offers a specific, professional advisory service for medical personnel during the Corona Pandemic.

Movement also now central
Sport also makes an important contribution to health in this day and age. There are different types of exercise that can be carried out well, even in compliance with the social distancing rules. For example, there is nothing wrong with walking, jogging or cycling as long as the required distance from other people is maintained., Heavily frequented areas should be avoided, however. In addition, all sports that involve risk, such as mountain biking or hiking on dangerous routes should be avoided, so that health facilities are not burdened by avoidable accidents, and can focus on the treatment of Covid patients.