Cham, 24.06.2022

Andreas Clinic unhappy about "withdrawal of basic and emergency care"

According to the revised hospital list, the Cantonal Hospital in Baar will now be solely responsible for basic and emergency care.

The Zug Health Directorate presented its draft for the revised hospital list for the canton of Zug at the end of May. This provides for a division of roles between the Andreas Clinic in Cham and the Zug Cantonal Hospital (ZGKS) in Baar, with the latter now being solely responsible for basic and emergency care. "The health directorate only wants to commission the Andreas Clinic with a smaller range of elective procedures," said the Cham hospital in a statement on Wednesday morning. For this reason, it is to be deprived of the mandate for the so-called basic package and for more than a dozen other service groups. This will have consequences for the population of Zug: "In the future, it will first have to be clarified whether any person who goes to the Andreas Clinic in an emergency will have to be transferred to the Zug Cantonal Hospital or to a non-cantonal hospital, due to a lack of a service mandate," said hospital director Jonas Zollinger in the statement.

The Andreas Clinic in Cham                           Stock photo

The extent to which the emergency department of the Andreas Clinic could continue to operate under these circumstances is open. The emergency department currently cares for more than 5,000 patients annually, and is the most easily accessible hospital emergency department for around one-third of the population of Zug.

Mandate for obstetrics will only be given for a limited period
Even the maternity ward could no longer be operated, because the basic package is also a prerequisite for obstetrics operations. The health directorate only provides the prospect of a performance mandate limited to two years, "although around one in three children in the canton is born in the Andreas Clinic".