Canton of Zug, 22.04.2020

An absolute fire ban is now in place

Due to the sunny spring weather and the lack of rainfall, dryness is increasing in nature. The canton of Zug, together with the other cantons of Central Switzerland, has therefore raised the danger level to "major" (level 4 out of 5). With immediate effect, an absolute ban on fires applies in the woods and near the woods (up to a minimum distance of 50 metres).

The soil, the vegetation, as well as the branch and foliage material lying about are dry and easily flammable after days without significant rainfall. There is a risk that discarded matches, smoking products or a spark of a barbecue fire could cause a fire, said the cantonal building insurance (Gebäudeversicherung)  and the cantonal fire department in a joint press release. Due to the current weather forecasts, more sunny days without significant rainfall are expected.

It is absolutely forbidden to light fires in woods and near the woods (up to a minimum distance 50 metres). This prohibition also applies explicitly to the existing fire pits that have been set up. Gas and electric grills on paved ground are excluded from the ban.

In order to reduce the risk of fires, a conditional fire ban also applies outside the woods - and therefore also in residential areas. It is forbidden to grill in unpaved fire pits, to light fireworks, to let "sky lanterns rise" and to throw away smoking products or matches. Barbecues are only permitted in fixed fireplaces or with coal, gas or electric grills, provided that the distance to the woods is more than 50 metres.

The following precautions must be followed in this case:



The Office of Forests and Wild and the Building Insurance Association Zug will continue to monitor the situation and, if necessary, communicate any changes to the danger level.