Huenenberg, 28.05.2019

83-year-old suffers life-threatening injuries in collision

An 83-year-old man was hit by a car on the Luzernerstrasse in Hünenberg, and had to be transported to a hospital outside the canton by Rega helicopter. He suffered with life-threatening injuries.

The accident occurred on Monday morning, May 27, just before 9:45. An 83-year-old man wanted to cross the Luzernerstrasse at Zythus in Hünenberg. While doing this, he was hit by a car that was travelling from Rotkreuz towards Cham. According to a report by the Zug law enforcement authorities, the pedestrian suffered life-threatening injuries in the collision.
After initial medical care by the Zug rescue service, the 83-year-old was taken to a hospital outside the canton by a Rega rescue helicopter.
The 68-year-old car driver had her driving licence confiscated on the spot, the report continued. The Luzernerstrasse had to be closed for the recovery of patient and the recording the facts of the incident, and traffic was redirected. Employees of the Zug rescue service, the Rega, the road maintenance service, a private towing company and the Zug police were on duty.

The pedestrian received initial treatment from the Zug rescue service. Photo: Zug Police)