Oberaegeri, 15.04.2019

43-year-old woman dies at scene of accident

A 43-year-old woman died last week after her car left the road and collided with a tree.


The accident happened shortly before midnight on Thursday as the woman was proceeding along what is known as Cantonal Road R from Biberbrugg in the neighbouring canton of Schwyz towards Raten. As she then approached Wyssenbachstrasse, her car veered off the road on the left-hand side and carried on downhill for 90 metres over a meadow before hitting a tree near the Biber brook.

Tragically the 43-year-old woman died at the scene.

The police forces of both the canton of Zug and Schwyz attended, as did the fire brigades of both Zug and Oberägeri, who recovered the vehicle.

Fortunately, the cantonal road did not have to be closed and it is thought the local environment was not adversely affected.


This report is based on an article by Andrea Muff and information from the Zug police.