CIty of Zug, 27.05.2020

40 tons of concrete close the gap on the Gotthardstrasse

There is now a new passageway under the railway on the Gotthardstrasse in Zug. The concrete elements of the underpass were installed on Monday evening.

On Monday evening, specialists placed two 40-ton elements in a gap on the Gotthardstrasse in Zug. Within just one hour, the two prefabricated concrete parts were installed in the right place. The city of Zug has been able to benefit from the fact that the Zug – Arth - Goldau railway line is currently closed.

The dam will have to be filled in again in the next few days, says city engineer Jascha Hager. This is because the SBB wants to move forward with its refurbishment work. The material necessary for this work will be brought to the construction site by rail.

The underpass on the Gotthardstrasse in Zug is to be open from September. The concrete elements will then be no longer visible. The visible stones, which were first installed in 1897, will be re-installed, which is a condition for the renovation.