Swiss Federal Court upholds local immigration office's ruling

Even though a national of Bosnia-Herzegovina has three children here in Switzerland, the Swiss Federal Court in Lausanne has ruled that Immigration Office in Zug was right it its judgment that he be deported.
The 39-year-old was granted a residence permit in the canton of Zug in 2007 having previously married a compatriot who had settled in Switzerland and with whom he had three children aged 16, 13 and nine. Even before he had been given residential status he had had to appear before the courts in Zug on charges relating to traffic offences, the misuse of identity documents and number plates, illegal acquisition and fraud. In fact by 2013 the pair were facing debt recovery to the tune of CHF 940,000.

The following year the husband again found himself in court, this time on charges relating to several counts of embezzlement, failure to keep proper accounts, mismanagement of funds and similar offences. He was duly convicted and given a three-year sentence, two years of which he had to spend in prison.
It was subsequent to this, in 2016, that the Cantonal Immigration Office revoked its decision to grant him residential status and ordered that, once he had served his sentence, he was to be deported.
When the convict appealed to the Swiss Federal Court in Lausanne, judges there ruled the decision of the Zug immigration authorities was the right one, these latter offences overstepping the mark, not least because, even at this stage, he remained in debt to the tune of CHF 550,000. The court deemed that, with this and the cumulation of offences, more weight had to be given to the interest of the public to have him deported than the interest of his children to be able to grow up here with the presence of their father. As to his wife, from whom he had since obtained a divorce, it was up to her and the children to decide whether they wanted to stay here without him or join him in Bosnia-Herzegovina. 

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