Major check on main road and rail routes crossing the country

A major operation involving the police forces of nine cantons including that of Zug was carried out on the main road and rail routes crossing the country in a north-south direction on Thursday.

In addition to the local police force, those of the cantons of Graubünden, Lucerne, Nidwalden, Obwalden, Schwyz, Uri, Zurich and the Ticino were involved, checking not only the occupants of cars, but rail passengers, too. In all, 566 individuals and 314 vehicles were checked. Officers of the SBB Transport Police and Swiss Border Guards also assisted.

For one person checked, this meant the end of his journey; he was arrested on the spot, though no explanation by the police was given. A further six people were allowed to continue their journey but they can now expect to hear from the appropriate prosecution service as a result of drugs-related offences. Officers in the canton of Schwyz found one person with as many as 60 rolled-up cannabis cigarettes, which were duly confiscated.

When it came to checking the occupants of cars, two people who had been banned from driving were found to have been at the wheel, with a further 32 fined for a number of unspecified offences and 16 more facing prosecution, their offences not made public.
A spokesman for the Zug police said that further such major checks were likely to take place in the future, too.     

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