Greth Schell procession

Greth Schell is a traditional carnival figure in Zug and is considered the “most important day of celebration” in the Zug calendar  - Gudismontag – the day before Shrove Tuesday! A great favourite on this day, especially with the children, is the Greth Schell tradition, which is maintained by the Guild of Carpenters', Turners' and Coopers.

This story goes back to the days when Margarethe Schell from Zug, or Greth Schell as she was known, used to have to go and collect her drunken husband  from the inns he frequented, and bring him home in a basket on her back. He would be dressed in a jester’s hat, and carried a stick. A statue of her can be seen in the Zug old town, by the Liebfrauenkapelle (Chapel of Our Lady). The story is re-enacted every year by the guild, whose members go through the town in costume, distributing bread rolls, sausages and oranges to the passers-by.

Monday, 4 March, 4 pm from Kolinplatz - Zytturm, Altstadt Obergasse - Schwanenplatz - Untergasse - Rathaus/Fischmarkt - Seestrasse - Landsgemeindeplatz zum Löwen.


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