Former husband and in-laws given conditional sentences and fined

The criminal court has handed down conditional sentences and fines relating to the mistreatment of a woman by her then husband and parents-in-law.

It was in July 2014 that the now 29-year- old woman in question married her husband, who is now 41, though they have since divorced.

She had come specifically from her homeland, Kosovo, to marry him, a friend there having been instrumental in their meeting.

Now, four and a half years later, the ex-husband has been found guilty of committing multiple offences against his wife including assault, several counts of menace, intimidation and complicity to deprive her of her liberty. He has been given a conditional sentence of 14 months and a conditional fine, the amount of which was not specified.

His mother, now 60, was also handed a conditional sentence of 15 months and a conditional fine, again, the amount not specified, after having been found guilty of multiple counts of depriving her former daughter-in-law of her liberty and of intimidation.

The latter’s husband, now aged 62, has also been given a fine after having been found guilty of intimidating his former daughter-in-law.

The court heard how there had been four keys to the flat they all shared, three of which were used by the three offenders, the remaining one used by the ex-husband’s brother, leaving none left for sister-in-law. It was heard how, when the men went out the work, the wife spent much time at home with her mother-in-law. If the latter went out shopping, her daughter-in-law was locked in the flat. Whenever she complained about this, her husband threatened her and, on one occasion when she attempted to flee, she was forcibly dragged back by her husband.

Acting for the three defendants, counsel claimed there had always been a key hanging in the hall, though, as the prosecution pointed out, this meant at least one member of family was at home.

A witness gave plausible evidence about he threats the woman received, with a bruise on the latter’s upper arm evidence of the force used to restrain her when she attempted to flee.

It was explained, not least by the victim herself, that the father-in-law had not been aware of the full extent of the mistreatment meted on his daughter-in-law, hence he was fined only.

However, all those convicted have announced through their lawyer that they intend to appeal against these verdicts. 

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