Enquiry into who leaked information about case involving Zug's director of justice suspended

One of the unanswered questions relating to the case against the Beat Villiger, the Zug cantonal director of justice, being dropped by the cantonal prosecution authorities in Lucerne, relates to who divulged this information to the press.

Regular readers will remember that the Republik online journal published an article announcing the charges against Villiger had been dropped only days before elections to the Zug cantonal government were held last October, Villiger subsequently being re-elected for a fourth term in office. The charges related to road traffic offences (knowingly allowing someone who had been banned to drive his car and alleged forgery of documents relating to the sale of the car to indicate it was no longer in his possession, but owned by this woman friend).

It is actually the Republik journal itself, which in an article published last Monday, mentioned that the investigation into who had divulged the fact that the Lucerne prosecution services had dropped charges against Villiger had been suspended. For its part, the journal said that this news had been predictable. It claimed it was Villiger himself, who, aware of what the newspaper planned to about to publish about him, allegations which could have threatened his re-election, endeavoured to take out an injunction in advance of publication to stop it, mentioning at the same time that the prosecution authorities in Lucerne, where the offences were alleged to have taken place, had decided to drop all charges.

When Villiger was asked about this, he said he had sought access to documentation to find out more about precisely what information the authorities held on him in relation to the matter.

Expert lawyers in this area have said they felt the charges Villiger faced were too serious to have been just dropped. Equally there have been calls for a third canton to investigate the matter, it not felt right the authority in Lucerne should investigate itself.

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