WeGreen Services makes recycling a breeze

When it comes to recycling, there are only a handful of countries that outcompete small and pristine Switzerland. We all have been there… expat newbies trying to decipher the ins and outs, being overcome with guilt for not picking apart yoghurt containers to recycle the aluminium lid and cardboard outer while it feels like the Swiss recycle absolutely everything. And what about our balconies or garages, slowly being consumed by mountains of recycling because a run to the Ökihof somehow always seems to slide to the bottom of our never-ending to-do lists? Well, dear friends, it seems we have found you a solution.
WeGreen Services is a newly launched subscription service for private households and businesses alike that makes recycling a breeze. The concept is simple: you collect your recycling in dedicated WeGreen waste bags, they pick up and dispose of the items accordingly – once, twice or multiple times a month, you decide. Approved by Zeba Zug, the governing body of waste management across the eleven municipalities making up the canton of Zug, WeGreen collects more than two dozen types of waste. Alongside the usual suspects such as PET bottles, glass or tin, this also includes more troublesome things such as electronics, or batteries as well as textiles and shoes. 

Time poor and already sold on the idea of somebody doing the recycling runs for you in future? Private household subscriptions start at just CHF 49 and business subscriptions are available from CHF 78 per month. More good news follows for those living on the periphery of the canton of Zug with pickups also available in Arth, Goldau, Immensee and Küssnacht. 

Furthermore, as a part of their social engagement, WeGreen works together with the local non-profit organisation GGZ, helping unemployed social benefits recipients and asylum seekers back onto the labour market. Plus, there are environmental benefits too thanks to fewer cars on the road.

Stress free and time saving – WeGreen picks up and transports your recyclable waste to the recycling centre, freeing up your valuable spare time for other things! 

For more information, please visit www.wegreen.ch.