Illuminated paths in canton Zug

Imagine walking among hundreds of lanterns, each with its own inspirational quote to guide your steps. It sounds like Christmas magic might be at work, but instead it's the goodwill of locals who get out and make sure the candles are lit by hand every night along the 3km lantern trail. You can discover this festive phenomenon for yourself in Aegeri.

The lighted pathway was originally launched to mark the 300th anniversary of the Catholic parish within the municipality. They add a lantern every year and now there are 306. The trail begins at the Allmendkappelle and leads back to the village where trail access is signposted. On weekends, you can take a break at the Laternenstübli to enjoy a drink and a bite to eat. For more information about this path, which will be lit from 26 November to 1 January, click here.

For a closer to home experience, head to the Lichterweg (light trail) in Baar. Fairylights will light up the 1.5km trail at the foot of the Baarburg and a variety of events is planned too. For more information about the path that will be lit from 25 November to 8 January, click here.

Hünenberg was one of the first to introduce a festively lit pathway in 1999. However, due to the ongoing energy crisis, the municipality has decided that there will be no illuminated trail this year. The annual Lichter-Apéro will nonetheless still take place on the orchard Hubel on 15 December. Swing by and enjoy a mulled wine with locals. Further information here.

Next door in Cham, the light trail is still planned to go ahead on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays between 4 and 26 December. 160 candle-lit lanterns will light up the Villette Park for the first time opposed to the forest like in previous years. Refreshments can be enjoyed at the Restaurant Villa-Villette during opening hours and special events are planned on Advent Sundays if the weather permits. Further information here.

Last but not least, a 1.2km trail will also be available on the Zugerberg from 11 December to 8 January and will lead from the mountain station to the Zugiblubbi house, where an illuminated nativity scene awaits. During this time, the Zugerbergbahn will run every 15 minutes in the evening. People who prefer to walk on illuminated paths through the snow will probably have their best chance here! Further information here.

In summary, this is the perfect way for families, couples and friends to start off the Christmas season on the right foot. Each pathway has its own special charm and there is enough time to try them all.