Etter is a small but select company that has been manufacturing natural fruit eaux-de-vie since 1870 and repeatedly comes up with surprising and innovative ideas in spirits. The tempting New Generation fruit spirit liqueurs, seasonal specialities such as the Christmas Plum Liqueur or the unique JOHNETT Swiss Single Malt Whisky meet the spirit of the age.

Commited to tradition, we distill all our fruit eaux-de-vie with passion, lavishing gentle care on them and using exclusively Swiss fruit.

The Etter brand has long been synonymous with outstanding Zuger Kirsch and Swiss fruit eaux-de-vie, noted for their distinctive and fruity taste harmony. Pure Swiss delight!

Visit our Showroom & Shop at our distillery and let your senses be captivated by Mother Nature's gifts. We also offer a large variety of wines. You are always very welcome!

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Showroom & Shop
Chollerstrasse 4, Zug
Mo-Fr, 9.00-12.00 and 13.30-18.30; Sa, 10.00-16.00