Valeriana is a social non-profit integration project. In the spirit of «Doing good – for yourself and others», our primary goal is to bring society closer together. We achieve this with integration through household work.

If you book through Valeriana you get help for your household and at the same time you do good by giving someone a chance to work. Our focus is on mothers with a migration background who came to Switzerland without any recognized qualification.

By connecting our employees and our clients, we create a first contact and the relationship, «the magic», begins. We empower our employees and motivate our customers. We do this mainly through our community work, free language courses and on the job trainings, where we put a lot of emphasis on certification. 

Valeriana offers cleaning in private households or offices, washing/ironing, sewing, pet-sitting, recycling, vacation services and running errands. 

We are active in Zurich, Zug, Winterthur, St.Gallen and Lucerne.