hortis gardens gmbh is a horticultural centre with the highest standards. We specialize in exclusive garden design, construction and maintenance.

We work with high quality materials and employ highly qualified professionals to work in your garden. Trust our know-how and expertise, our flair for giving you the right advice and service.

Daniel Roth
Our business manager is the young entrepreneur Daniel Roth, a certified landscape gardener and contractor. He has been able to gather a lot of experience through working in various horticultural centres.

''My vision is to creatively advise the customer in the planning phase, to respect his wishes and with high quality materials and expertise to personally translate these into reality. Every building site will be my personal project. 'Small but exclusive' is our motto."


Green your interior!

It’s decorative, reduces noise levels, promotes well-being and is stimulating!

The trend towards more indoor greenery in hallways, offices, garden rooms and living rooms is growing fast. No wonder! Greening your indoor space has only advantages; it improves air quality, makes the room climate more pleasant, makes you feel good, helps you concentrate better and to cap it all, reduces noise levels.  

Indoor plants increase the humidity level, reduce pollutants in the air, and plants release oxygen into the room air. Plants are beneficial to the health of people at work and at home, not only in winter but throughout the year. In winter, higher humidity can reduce heating bills, because air that is more humid feels up to 3 degrees warmer.

Studies have shown that high noise levels can make you ill. Plants can lower the noise level, whether used as decorative elements on the wall, in a room partition or just in a pot. This is particularly useful in large, high-ceilinged rooms or in open-plan offices. Studies and tests have shown that employees who work in offices or rooms with a lot of plants are more motivated. The better air quality increases the employees’ motivation and concentration. Motivation increases whenever you look at a plant, it reduces stress levels and inspires. You feel more comfortable, more productive and more creative.

The ways to use indoor greenery are many and diverse. You can plant containers that can be moved around, or as a space-saving wall greenery. Plants can also be great to screen off areas to increase privacy and as room dividers. Modern containers that match interiors, offices, conference rooms, doctor’s surgeries, consulting rooms, hallways / reception areas, or private living spaces, upgrade and complement the interior design.

Using a mineral substrate, the need for plants to be watered is reduced to about every 4-8 weeks and it prevents mosquitoes developing. A fully automatic irrigation system can be installed in the container to keep plants healthy. You can also delegate the care of your plants to us by contract, or we can draw up a tailor-made care plan for you to do it yourself.

We find a suitable solution for every room and are happy to advise you at your home or workplace free of any obligation.

Green your interior with ”hortis gärten” - the greenery professionals!