Kinderwunsch-Cham offers concentrated and ultra-modern expertise in the heart of Cham, the only institution of its kind in the entire canton of Zug. 

Reproductive medicine specialist Markus Bleichenbacher works closely with laboratory manager Giorgia Rivoli and embryologist Manuel Pensis. The service covers everything that is permitted by law. It is mainly couples who are unable to conceive naturally who come forward. After an assessment of the situation, individual treatment is provided, which can range from hormone treatment and insemination to IVF (in vitro fertilization), including pre-implantation diagnostics (genetic analysis of embryos). Special emphasis is also placed on semen analysis and preparation.

There is also an increasing demand for the freezing of eggs or sperm before treatment, for example chemotherapy ("medical freezing"), but also if family planning cannot be started at a young age for various reasons ("social freezing"). From a biological point of view, it may make sense to freeze eggs before the age of 35.