As independent experts, we can offer you services in the areas of provision, insurance, and finances from your move to Switzerland to your departure.

•    Haysen has specialized in advising newcomers and those leaving Switzerland-wide for 14 years.
•    Our expertise is valued by renowned companies such as Roche, Novartis, Coop, Migros, and the University Hospital Basel, which outsource the processing of special solutions for employees to us.
•    Our consultants are certified by FINMA (Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority) and are subject to the FIDLEG (Financial Services Act).

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Compass for Newcomers in Switzerland

Fundamentals of the Swiss Social Security System

1.    First Pillar: AHV/IV (Old Age and Survivors' Insurance/Disability Insurance): This state provision serves as basic insurance and is mandatory for all residents of Switzerland. It covers the basic living costs in old age, in case of disability, or in the event of death.
2.    Second Pillar: Occupational Provision (Pension Funds): This company pension plan supplements the first pillar and is mandatory for most employees. It aims to largely maintain the accustomed standard of living in old age.
3.    Third Pillar: Private Provision: Voluntary private provision allows individuals to use individual saving and investment forms to create additional financial security in old age, in case of disability, or for survivors.

Health and Accident Insurance

•    Mandatory Health Insurance: Everyone living in Switzerland must have basic insurance that covers a wide range of health services.
•    Supplementary Insurances: Offer additional protection and include services that go beyond the basic insurance, such as private hospital wards, alternative medicine, etc.
•    Accident Insurance: Usually provided by the employer and covers occupational as well as non-occupational accidents.

Life and Liability Insurance

•    Life Insurance: Serves as financial security for the family in the event of the insured's death and can serve as part of retirement provision.
•    Liability Insurance: Covers damages inflicted on others and is highly recommended for every household in Switzerland.

Financial Planning and Investments

•    Budgeting: Careful planning of income and expenses is fundamental to achieving financial goals.
•    Tax Optimization: The Swiss tax system offers various possibilities for optimization, e.g., through third pillar contributions or by choosing the right investment forms.

Placement of Pension Fund Capital upon Departure from Switzerland

•    Complex processes made simple: We take on the arduous process of capital investment for you, providing maximum relief.
•    Individual investment solutions: We find the optimal investment strategy for your needs and risk tolerance.
•    Tax optimization: We help you avoid tax pitfalls and save your money.

Personal Financial Planning

Comprehensive advice that helps expats organize and optimize their finances. This includes:
•    Long-term retirement planning
•    Wealth management
•    Savings and investment optimization
•    Risk management
•    Advice on real estate investments in Switzerland.