ZuKi- events at a glance

ZuKi-Kinderfest Cham
Our biggest event in Cham is and has been a tradition for 20 years. It’s always happening the first Sunday in May. During that day we transform the Hirsgarten by the lake into a wonderland for children and their parents. It’s a place to play, explore and be creative, either create something new or upcycle! There is a selection of food and drink available so you can enjoy the whole day with us!

Abenteuerland Teuflibach Cham
This is our favourite place in Cham! It’s 6'000 m2 of fun and adventure close to nature. Every Wednesday afternoon children from the age of 6 can explore nature on their own: playing, crafting, experimenting, having fun! There’s always an adult overseeing the action.

ZuKi-Ferienbetreuung Cham unfortunately only until the end of spring holidays 2019
In our adventureland Teuflibach we offer day care for children from Cham and other communities during school holidays. You can enroll your child/children for one or more days. This offer focuses on children during Kindergarten and Primary School.

In and around our newly and professionally equipped lab in a caravan there’s a new opportunity for environmental education and learning through experience as well as research and experimentation. As members of our Nature-detective-club we explore different wildlife and nature habitats all the way through to microscopic details.

ZuKi also offers creative workshops for children and adults in the Adventureland Teuflibach. Children and adults can explore the manifold aspects of our nature during our courses or enjoy our creative workshops.

Our Adventureland Teuflibach is also a perfect place for children’s birthday parties which will not be easily forgotten! We offer individual parties with lots of activities and fun. We take care of the preparations and guide you through the day. You just enjoy the party!

Open Sunday Cham
Every Sunday afternoon (except during school holidays) from the end of October till the end of March we offer children in Primary School an opportunity to enjoy games, fun and sporty activities with other children their age. Teenage coaches are overseeing the gym for safety, wellbeing and diversification.

ZuKi-Plausch Cham
Active games and fun for children ages 0 to 6. On Sundays between October and April one gym of a local school invites you to join in the fun! There’s lots of possibilities to romp around and play. Kids can explore the gym on their own but always under the supervision of their chaperone.