Zurich/Lucerne, 09.02.2024

Special SBB train to Lucerne carnival opening leaves Zurich HB empty

People from Zurich are usually unwelcome guests at the Lucerne carnival - unless they are invited and are suitably dressed for the occasion (i.e. in costume).

There is hardly any other explanation for the annoying incident with the SBB special train from Zurich early on Thursday morning (Schmütziger Donnerstag / Dirty Thursday) to witness the start of the Lucerne carnival (the ‘Urknall’), which starts at 5 o'clock in the morning. But the people from Zurich were unable to board the special train to Lucerne, as reported in the Blick newspaper.

40 to 50 carnival revellers were thereby stranded at Zurich station.

The SBB Federal Railways had forgotten to open the entrances to the main station in Zurich (Zurich HB), which had been closed overnight. When the gates finally opened, the 3.46 a.m.special train had already punctually departedfrom Platform 8but without any passengers. It is unclear whether the guilty SBB employee originates from Lucerne. And whether people in Basel are hoping for similar mishaps with special trains from Lucerne next week

40 to 50 carnival revellers were thereby stranded at Zurich station.

In response to an enquiry by Blick, SBB formally apologized to the carnival revellers affected. "A misunderstanding between the various departments led to the doors not being opened in time," writes media spokesman Bas Vogler.

The SBB immediately organised another extra train, which left for Lucerne at 04:54. And the SBB is also accommodating the customers affected. "We want to be accommodating to customers who took a cab," writes BasVogler.

Those affected should contact customer service. If the ticket was purchased at a ticket machine or travel center, customers can contact an SBB travel centre.

Source: Blick / Tele1 / CH Media