Children's afternoon - My future museum object

Museum Burg Zug Wednesday, 05 Jun 2024

Show and tell from 5 years

A museum is full of things that tell us stories. What do you collect? Bring one of your favourite items to the museum and tell us about it. The museum team will create a mini-exhibition with photos and all the individual stories. The event is held in German. For children from 5 years. About the exhibition "Everything in order? Stories from the Collection" in general: What do we do with all the things that surround us? What do they do to us? In many of us there is an urge to collect, sort and show things. They help us remember, organize knowledge, trigger emotions. In short: with these things we make the world our own. Around 50,000 such things lie dormant in the collection of the Museum Burg Zug. They provide access to the past and store a wide variety of knowledge. But which memories, which knowledge should the museum preserve? How did the objects find their way into the collection? And: How does the museum deal with these objects, how and why are they cared for and preserved for future generations? The exhibition "Everything in Order? Stories from the Collection" explores these questions and searches for answers by showing a cross-section of the otherwise mostly hidden treasures. The objects come together in unusual ensembles. In this way, new contexts, perspectives and narratives emerge. Some objects reveal their story right away. With each one, knowledge and meanings grow, and new doors and insights into the past open up again and again. The diversity of narratives contributes to the understanding of the present. Note: This text was translated by machine translation software and not by a human translator. It may contain translation errors.

05 Jun 2024  14:00 -17:00
Museum Burg Zug, Kirchenstrasse 11,  6300  Zug
CHF 10.00