Bäckermöhli - pastries flying through the air

On the afternoon of the last Wednesday in January (which falls on the 30st in 2019), when the millers', bakers' and confectioners' guild holds its annual meeting, biscuits, sweets and fruit are thrown to the children waiting for them in the old town. But to qualify for the goodies, they have to shout out "Bäckermöhli" as loudly as they can.
Kindergarden classes in Zug will receive visits from the Brotherhood and Guild of the Millers, Bakers and Confectioners, who will be distributing treats from their bakeries in the morning. 
The various activites are as follows:
10.15 a.m. Kindergarden visits
4.15 p.m. the children congregate at the Fischmarkt square
4.45 p.m. the children congregate at the Kolinplatz square

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