Australian speedster finally fined for doing 107 kph in 50-kph-zone

It was on Saturday 14 November 2015 that an Australian national was caught doing 107 kph in a 50-kph-zone in a hired sports car, a warrant for his arrest duly issued.

However, it appeared he left the country and was not able to be traced, until, only a few days ago, he flew into Geneva airport, was duly arrested and summoned to appear before the prosecution services here in Zug, where he admitted his offence.

The now 56-year-old was ordered to pay a deposit on a fine amounting to CHF 8,000 and he could face a one-year term in prison. He was further banned from driving within Switzerland for an indefinite period.

The speeding incident occurred as he drove towards Schmittli on Cholrainstrasse that day.

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