52 flats for rent to make up part of huge new development

As many as nine buildings are planned to be built in a residential and commercial development in Inwil in the municipality of Baar.
While most of the development will be on a greenfield site, one building, the “Haus am Bach” on the corner of Grenbachstrasse and Arbachstrasse is planned to be demolished to make way for a new building there.
The nine new buildings, ranging in height between 11.50 and 18.60 metres, will house as many as fifty-two 2-5 room flats for rent as well as various premises for commercial use. While these plans mean much change between the Zug Göbli and Baar Weiler areas, the neighbouring 15th century timber-framed building known as the Riegelhaus (as seen in the centre of the photograph) will not be affected.
As can also be seen in the photograph, neighbouring buildings to the planned development, which is to be built in stages, show a wide variety of architectural styles, from the prefabricated concrete ones of the Sixties and Seventies to the terraced ones built on slopes and in the centre of the locality over the past twenty years.

Of the nine buildings planned, these will be divided into three groups, each with a distinctive type of roof.
Planning has involved no fewer than five separate landowners, the Cantonal Department for the Preservation of Historic Sites and Monuments also having to be consulted.
As Urs Spillmann, the head of planning in the municipality of Baar, explained, preparations have been particularly demanding, regulations now allowing, for example, the Ebel restaurant opposite to continue to make use of parking space on the site earmarked for development. Spillmann was also a member of the panel which judged the architectural designs for the development, which is to be known as “Inwil Dorf” (Inwil Village).    

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