Zug elections 2018

Zug has voted. Both in the Cantonal Government of Zug and in the City Council, the Left has been chopped from the executive. In the Cantonal Council Zug: centre-right loses, the Left gains - CVP, SVP and FDP each lose one seat. The Alternatives (+1) and SP (+2) grow. The strongest party overall remains the CVP and the voter turnout resides at 45 percent.
Beat Villiger (CVP) has been re-elected despite his affair. Allegations had amassed against him last week. Villiger (61) stated yesterday that he required time to decide whether to take up his fourth term. It was only yesterday that the Sonntagsblick had announced that seven years ago Beat Villiger had had a lover with whom he fathered a child. The question that arises however, is not whether he had an affair, but that of his credibility in connection to suspected forgery. In this regard, Villiger had contradicted himself during the interrogation led by Lucerne’s public prosecution authorities.
On 1 October 2018, it had been reported that a person close to Villiger - a woman - got caught up in a Lucerne police check on two occasions in 2017. The lady had been without a driver's license since 2009. As a result, she and the owner of the car - Beat Villiger - were reported to the Lucerne law enforcement authorities. The Lucerne Public Prosecutor's Office closed the case in February this year.
Written confirmation demanded
After the woman was stopped for the second time by the Lucerne police, she presents them a purchase agreement, which states that Beat Villiger sold her the car on 1 July 2017. Problem is the vehicle still runs under Beat Villiger in November 2017. Meanwhile, the contract presented is dated May 2017. This means that the vehicle would have no longer belonged to Villiger at the first police check either. The police suspects that the contract had been re-dated so Villiger avoid investigation. According to the Public Prosecutor's Office, this suspicion was not substantiated, which is why the investigation came to an end.
Criticism follows
Various criminal law experts have expressed criticism of the Lucerne law enforcement authorities. Their position had been wrong from a procedural and criminal standpoint. Villiger’s case should have been judged by a court as the suspicions regarding falsification of documents would have been sufficient.

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