Woman dog owner taken to hospital

A 45-year-old woman, herself a dog owner, had to be taken to hospital for treatment to injuries she sustained after having been bitten by a Rhodesian ridgeback on Wednesday afternoon
The incident took place as the 45-year-old was taking her pug dog for a walk along Alte Kapellerstrasse in the direction of Unterbrüglenweg in the municipality between 4.45pm and 5.00 pm that afternoon. It was when they arrived at Blickensdorferstrasse and wanted to cross over the road that the Rhodesian ridgeback bounded over to them. While this dog was on a lead, its 51-year-old owner was not able to restrain it and, as the other woman picked up her dog to protect it and turned around, the Rhodesian ridgeback bit her on her left upper arm from behind. As a result, as mentioned, she had to be taken to hospital for treatment.
As the accounts of what happened by the two dog owners differ, police have appealed to anyone who may have witnessed the incident to call them without delay on 041 728 41 41.   

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