Want number-plate ZG 10 badly enough?

As previously reported, ZG number-plates with special numbers are being sold off in online auctions in a venture in which the canton is hoping to raise as much as CHF 400,000 a year.
Following the start of these auctions last Thursday, it seemed the canton was well on its way to achieving this amount, with CHF 242,520 already offered. Someone has already offered to buy the plate which attracted the most interest, ZG 10, for CHF 101,000. If you really want it (two others, apparently, are already very keen to get it), you have until 9pm on Wednesday evening to ensure it is fitted to your car, or motorcycle. Out of interest, the most expensive number-plate sold in Switzerland in such a way last year, VS 1, indicating the canton of Wallis, went for CHF 160,100.
Auctioning began with reserve prices starting at CHF 30,000 for ZG 1, and CHF 25,000 for ZG 18, those for four-digit numbers at a more modest level, namely between CHF 1,000 and CHF 3,000. The plate which has attracted the least interest so far is for ZG 9839, for which just CHF 3,000 has been offered. As to how these prices were arrived at, this was based on experience in similar auctions in other cantons.
What was all very much a surprise to Markus Feer, the head of the Zug Road Traffic Licensing Department, was how quickly the prices offered began to rise after the auction began. He mentioned how there was much interest in buying special number-plates in other cantons, with Zug being the last one to introduce such auctions.
Naturally Feer has been very pleased with the response and it is hoped even more money will be raised as such auctions are planned to take place three or four times a year from now on.
What the canton is also now offering is for drivers to determine themselves what number they want. If it conforms to the regulations and has not already been issued, then these, too, will be available, for a minimum price of CHF 500. For example, anyone born on 18 May 1972 might like ZG 180572. Ten people have shown interest in such plates so far.    

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